We don’t just collaborate with brands that want to make a difference - we also invest our time to promote and support diversity in the creative industry.


our story

With a collective experience of over 30 years working for award-winning design studios and brands, we decided that just selling stuff wasn’t good enough anymore. We started Good Nugget as we wanted to use our skills, experience and passion for GOOD.

For us, it’s not about being perfect and changing everything overnight but rather working collaboratively to make small steps for positive change. Whether you are a new brand or you are striving to be better then we would love to talk to you and join you on the journey.

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Brands have the power to influence, educate and unite.

2020 has made us stop & reset, it’s opened up our eyes to the way brands behave and their priorities. Real purpose and cultural relevance have never been so important.

Leo Founder & Creative Director
at Good Nugget


Passionately promoting an inclusive culture, we want to inspire and empower young people who have not yet entered the creative industries and this is why we set up a mentoring programme.



We want to make the creative industry more diverse by supporting
young people who are underrepresented.

A creative mentor can help you navigate your way through the industry minefield, providing real inspiration and practical advice. Both mentors and mentees benefit from broadening their professional network.

Mentees get the opportunity to explore creative projects and develop skills to help them succeed in the industry. In addition to the rewarding experience, mentors can tap into a new generation of diverse talent allowing them to contribute to a more inclusive culture.

More diversity means inspiring collaborations and better creative work!

The Programme

Our 12 week creative mentoring programme for young people aged between 16-25 allows us to offer real knowledge to those who need it.

We collaborate with colleges, youth centres, organisations and universities to make this connection. Working closely with industry experts looking to give back and training them as mentors.  

Whether you are interested in what it really takes to build a brand, the inner workings of a fashion magazine or launching the latest video game, there are a number of different opportunities within the creative industry.